Friday, 6 June 2014

An excerpt from' The Guardian' by Adiana Ray.

She shifted a bit to see what she was looking at through the window and her mouth tightened perceptibly, when she saw the figure riding a horse. There was no mistaking who it was; the sun rays shone down on the sleek corded muscles of the man riding bare back around the maidan. (ground) His long hair flowing behind him, he had his face turned up in ecstasy to the sky. Sheer exhilaration in the moment and the diffused golden glow of the sun, lent piercing detail, to the already striking visage.  Razia looked at him, her heart in her mouth, truly God had made this man, she thought. Looking at the feelings play across her face, the old crone’s face hardened. If she had dared to, she would have spat on the ground in disdain.

Yaqut, she hissed to herself.  She should have known that haram salla (bastard) would have been behind all this.

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