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Spotlight on 'Full Circle' by Yamini Vijendran

Full Circle 
Yamini Vijendran

The Blurb
 Outwardly, Malini is a contented, sixty-something grandmother with a loving family and everything a person could wish for. But Malini has lived her entire life with a secret confined to the deepest recesses of her heart.

Haunted by the past, she travels to Kumbakonam, her native town, which she had left years ago. There, she comes face-to-face with her long-lost love.

After forty years, will Malini be able to reclaim her own life, when love comes knocking at her door once again?

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Meet the Author

Yamini Vijendran (@saimini) is the author of ‘Full Circle’, a romance novella published by Indireads. After being a Software Professional for 7 years, Yamini has been freelancing from home for the past 3 years. She loves to dabble in fiction and romance and drama are her favorite genres. Her short stories have been published in ‘Love Stories That Touched My Heart’, an Anthology published by Penguin India, New Asian Writing and Six Sentences. Yamini also likes to pen poems when inspiration strikes, and her poetry has been published in The Indian Review, Contemporary Literary Review of India and ‘A World Rediscovered’ a poetry Anthology by Cyberwit Publications. Yamini draws material for her stories and poems from the world around her. When she is not converting her experiences to stories or poems, Yamini reads, plays with her toddler, and fools around her laboratory, that is, the kitchen. 

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Review of 'Against All Rules' by Summerita Rhayne


                Tahir is the quintessential poster boss. Self made, dynamic, driven, balanced and incredibly sexy to boot: the only fly in the ointment is that he is involved in a messy divorce. Samara is his secretary and has carried a torch for him from day one. She has taken pains to hide this from him and concentrate on her work. This pays dividends as she grows and develops personally and professionally. She is a compassionate, loyal friend who will do anything to protect Tahir from getting distressed.  When he is hurt, she hurts too. When he is attacked, she is ready to defend him no matter what the cost to her.
                Their relationship takes a turn when she goes to his house to check up on him. The attraction is electric and combustible and the effect is felt in every aspect of their lives. Tahir is not willing to get into another relationship and puts it down to an intense physical attraction and wants to see it through by giving into it. Despite the intense attraction, Samara knows that if she does that she will lose everything.
Will Tahir be able to overcome his misgivings before it is too late?  

I loved the character of Samara. She knows where her loyalty lies and goes for it no matter what the consequences. Her emotions come across as raw and earthy. Tahir on the other hand is so cool and collected on one hand and yet has such a knotty, turbulent personal life in which he just can’t seem to take a stand about anything. This does get frustrating but oddly enough also adds a very believable dimension to him.  The attraction for each other fairly jumps off the pages in its intensity. However I felt the book was getting too stuck on this aspect. Maybe the author was trying to bring out the depth of the emotions in play over here by placing such emphasis on it.

All in all a fast paced, interesting office romance for a light weekend read.

Spotlight on 'Against All Rules' by Summerita Rhayne

Against All Rules
Summerita Rhayne

The Blurb
 The efficient PA out of her depth...

Samara knows getting attracted to Tahir is like asking for trouble. Not only is he her boss but he’s got divorced recently and has sworn off any commitment. Short term is not on her list buttemptation has never been stronger.

The man who doesn’t have faith in rainbows anymore...

Tahir doesn’t believe in enforcing a code of conduct he cannot follow. But Samara might just make him make an exception! An affair at the office might seem a solution to his troubles but how can he avoid treading uncharted territory…?

Against All Rules

when fire is set, it’s hard to avoid the blaze

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Meet the Author

Summerita Rhayne loves to write sensual and emotional romance. There's no knowing when some quirky - or sometimes even not so quirky - happening in daily life might trigger her right brain and then she's off craving a new story. She loves writing characters who learn and grow and find their way out of their troubles and emotional hang-ups. Hot, sensual heroes and sassy but sweet heroines mostly fit the bill in her stories. She also believes that a touch of humor never goes amiss in a book.

She divides her time between family, job and writing - and loves winding down with music, movies and the internet!

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Coming Soon...'Lemon Girl' by Jyoti Arora

Cover Reveal 
Lemon Girl 

The She....

The He...

The Author

Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora is a Post Graduate in English Literature and Applied Psychology. Her writing achievements include two novels, three blogs, several wins in national level blog competitions, over five years of freelance writing experience, developing books for kids and abridging 24 famous English novels like Jane Eyre, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn etc. 

Jyoti's first novel, Dream's Sake, was published in 2011 by V&S Publishers. It received great reviews and much appreciation from readers.Books have always been Jyoti’s best friends. In fact, books so fascinated her from early childhood that she learnt reading, by herself, even before she started going to school. And she considers herself most fortunate that she is able to pursue her dream of being a novelist and work at what she loves best.

However, if books are Jyoti’s first love, and she’s still very devoted to them, the thrilling and steadily advancing world of technology also fascinates her. As a result, one of Jyoti’sblog is a technological blog called Techn0Treats. In 2011, a post in this blog won her the title of Samsung Mobile when Samsung made her a part of the team of the twenty bloggers chosen from all over India through a blogging competition. In this team of twenty bloggers, she was the only woman and perhaps the only one who had studied literature instead of science. As a Samsung Mobiler, Jyoti acted as the promoter and ambassador of Samsung.

Jyoti is a patient of Thalassemia Major which forced her to stop going to school after class seventh. After that, she continued her studies on her own through correspondence courses. Her zest to overcome her medical problems and made her an inspiration for many.

So are you curious now ?????????






Sundari...author, blogger, ardent cook, romantic.


1. You are a prolific writer. Runaway Bridegroom is your fourth book in a span of little over a year. What is your schedule like and how do you manage to fit in all the other parts of your life?

Thank you Adiana for saying that! The Runaway Bridegroom is my third book this year. The fourth is yet to come in December 2014. Most of what I recently published, I already had on my computer since a few years. I just needed to update them, get them edited, rewrite and have it proofed before publishing. I do work long hours, especially late at night when I have a deadline. Apart from writing, I am your typical housewife making three meals a day. I enjoy working all seven days of the week and don’t follow a schedule per se. If I don’t feel like working either on computer or in the kitchen, I just switch off from everything. I read a lot and am a Bollywood buff. I watch a lot of films on the big screen with my husband.

2. Through your writing you come across as very knowledgeable about tradition in terms of customs, rituals and family relationships: yet you do not shy away from writing quite explicitly at times about the sensuous as well ….where does the real Sundari Venkatraman lie?

Both are very much a part of me. I have the advantage of having lived for a bit more than half a century. I have always enjoyed learning about customs and rituals. That does not necessarily mean that I follow any of them. I have questioned them since I was a kid, much to my Grandma’s chagrin. But I never did want to follow anything unless I was convinced. Family relationships – yes, having lived in a large joint family before marriage and later getting married into one – I do understand a bit about those. Especially, what all could go right or wrong in a family.
Writing about the sensuous is not very different I feel. After all, one aspect of the wedding ritual is legalizing physical relationships. And sex is the very basis of creating new life. There is a part of society that dubs that as ‘dirty’. Well, I am not one of those. It’s a comfortable subject that’s spoken freely at home. Writing is just one more step forward.

3. Which of your four heroines would you identify with most and why?

Sunita, Meghna, Sanya and Chanda – while they play different roles in my novels, they all are women who think for themselves, who are determined, who will not suffer fools gladly, who are passively aggressive and who have a sensuous side to them. I would say that I identify with all of them.

4. You are also an avid blogger (Flaming Sun). Does that experience tie in with your writing of romance novels?

Yeah, I am an avid blogger – not just Flaming Sun. I have one more called Ascension Miracles which is a spiritual blog. As a writer, I first began with my novels. When I found no takers, I still felt the need to write. Working in the media, I realized that newspapers and websites never allow you to voice your real opinions; it’s always the editor’s or management’s version of things. Feeling the urge to express myself without interference, I began blogging. Now, my blogs are a platform to promote myself as a romance novelist too.

5. For Sundari Venkatraman what would be the ideal romantic date and where?

A private five-star setting, candle-night dinner, soft music and delicious food with one’s soul mate. (There is a similar scene in Meghna )

Thank you Adiana Ray for the lovely interview! Very intriguing questions and I enjoyed the opportunity to voice my thoughts while answering them.

Thank you Sundari. It was fun getting to know what lies behind the persona 'Sundari the Author'.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Review of 'The Runaway Bridegroom' author Sundari Venkatraman.


On the face of it petite, attractive Chanda is a typical young Delhi college girl. She has her circle of friends, is carefree and independent and is studying to become a computer professional. So when she lands an internship with R.S Software it is a career opportunity that cannot be ignored. What nobody knows is that Chanda has a secret: she was married as a child and her husband abandoned her and ran away straight after the wedding. She is well aware that this marriage would not be considered valid and enjoys the full support of her family, yet in her mind’s eye, the shadowy figure of her husband whom she doesn’t even know always holds her back from romantic relationships. That is until she meets Ranveer.

Dashing, sexy Ranveer is the head of R.S Software. He has the confidence and magnetism that only a self made man can have. He is drawn to Chanda from the word go and once she comes to work in his office he knows he has to spend as much time with her as possible.

Will Chanda be able to get over ghosts past to build a loving relationship with Ranveer?

Sundari transitions through time and weaves her story deftly around that ceremony to show how child marriage affects everybody. Without standing on a soap box she manages to get her point across about the enormity and the futility of forcing children to get married and the poignant thoughts of Veer stayed with me ‘ that he is not old enough to have a say in his marriage but he is old enough to get married.’

The buildup of their attraction and love for each other is a sweet, tender process and you really want Chanda to get past her reservations.

For me the surprise package in the story was the character of Shikha. I have hardly come across a secondary character in a story that interested me as much as she did. She was well etched and jumped off the pages. There were times she actually overwhelmed the main protagonists and pulled my interest towards her. Not sure if this was intended or not but I enjoyed her appeal. What I didn’t much care for was the part of the astrologer. I felt undue importance was given to his predictions which showed indirect support for these methods. For me this was the one jarring part as I absolutely enjoyed all the other relationships and characters that were woven into the story be it Chanda’s family or even Veers. Even the detective was interesting in his little cameo.

The best part of the book was the subtlety Sundari employed to get her point across about the ills of child marriage and lo and behold she used a romance to do it.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Adiana Ray interviewed by Ruchi Singh of iluvfiction.com

Ruchi Singh asks:-

"ILF: What were the challenges faced while writing the book?
AR: Ha! Ha!...well how about ‘just writing the book’. It is one thing to have an idea, quite another to put it down on paper and sustain the flow of the story."



Spotlight on Helpline by Uday Mane


by Uday Mane

The Blurb
 Samir is suicidal. Rachael works for a suicide helpline. Fate connects them through a phone call. And so begins Samir’s story of love, longing, errors, regret and a girl who changed his life. As his story reaches its conclusion, Rachael will know the true reason behind his suicidal tendencies. But this suicide helpline is not any ordinary service. There is more to the mysterious and yet so convincing voice of Rachael. As this new mystery begins to unfold, Samir is going to discover three things: 

What is The Helpline? 

Who is Rachael? 

What is Samir’s own identity? 

Every year, several teenagers in India attempt suicide because of failing relationships, dwindling careers, parental pressure or the competitive world. This story is about one such teenager, his early problems and the hurdles to cope with them. This story is about finding hope in the struggle. This story is about fighting for what you believe in and discovering your true identity. This is not a story about falling in love. This is a story of rising from a failed love story.

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Meet the Author

Uday Mane was born in Pune and raised in Mumbai. He works as a marketing professional during the day and a storyteller during the night. He is an avid reader, and loves to collect classic books. 

The Helpline is his debut novel that was launched in March 2014 at the hands of Padma Shri Paresh Rawal.

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