Chains can bind and chains can link
When the time comes for us to think
To look and see where we need to go.
Do we stem the tide or go with the flow
Goals beckon but goals always change
A beckoning beach an alluring mountain range
It matters not so much which road we choose
But that on our way, humanity we do not loose.

                       Adiana Ray

I write about romance and the world needs that; to believe in love and tenderness. If we do not have that we would loose a part or ourselves and our civilisation but I would also like to bring up some issues which are worth thinking about.

These are gut wrenching, stone in the heart issues which need to be talked about. At the end though they will be about people, our fellow human beings and hopefully at the end you can extend 'My Daisy Chain' by sharing these thoughts and giving them a voice.

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