Rapid Fall

Can JD learn to trust himself enough, to fall in love again?
Golden girl Sonia has it all till she comes to Mumbai. She has to learn and learn fast that if she is to survive and thrive in this city it isn’t only about all your degrees but rather about how street smart you are.
Suave and sophisticated JD, is a self made man who knows what he wants and how to get it. As the head honcho’ of a media company he has a smooth answer for everybody. Previously divorced he is unwilling to commit to a relationship.
Thrown together on the rapids of the Ganga, far away from Mumbai, the icy waters can’t douse the sparks that fly. Undeniably attracted to each other, Sonia struggles to come to grips with what her heart is telling her. Her first big attraction has her in at the deep end. She is not used to floundering and being out of control and she doesn’t like it.  JD is not willing to put any other name to their attraction but physical chemistry.
Will they get past this to find love?



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