Sunday, 17 April 2016

Batman vs Superman vs ME

I love watching all the 'super hero' movies, so trotted off for this as well.

OMG! still wondering what hit me. It was a long movie or maybe it just seemed long as the story didn't seem to be going any where. Superman flew around, did his laser eye thing and created chaos. We had super sonic sound effects every time he landed or took off. A buffed up Ben Affleck hung around devising ways he could take revenge on superman and even Lex Luthor was extremely contrived in his role of a psychotic villain. As for his eventual 'piece de resistance' DOOMSDAY.....YAWN!!! He did not come across as the extremely menacing and dangerous character he is supposed to be. Lights, sparks and loud roars do not necessarily a deadly character make, unless you are an 8 year old.

The audiences have changed, they are now used to visual effects the standard which was seen in Star Wars : The Force Awakens, Mad Max or even The Martian and Planet of The Apes. This does not compare. As for their suits, they have become more sculpted and moulded ; makes me think of a cross between Fifty Shades and Katniss's outfit in the Hunger Games.

Saving grace...WONDER WOMAN!

Hopefully she can save the day in the next offering.