Thursday, 29 May 2014

You Made Me Do It.

Now this is total heresy and I do hope that it is not true.

After the Solange and JayZ elevator incident where she physically attacked him, Whoopi Goldberg was quoted as saying ‘she would not have blamed JayZ for hitting her back for the way she behaved.

Hello! This from one of my favorite actresses, whom I have always considered a champion of women’s rights?

I do not for one moment believe that Solange was right in kicking and slapping him ….but I also do not believe that gives him a right to smack her about in return; which by the way for the record he didn’t do.

Are we not aware of what happens to so many of our gender or do we choose to be not aware as it is so much more convenient for us?

I have posted a link to a thought provoking, disturbing video. This is not happening in the middle ages, it is happening today among us. What is even more disturbing are the comments made by some viewers after watching it.

It is easy to go through life and believe that everything is just hunky-dory for everyone else because it is good for you.

‘Domestic Violence’ unfortunately exists, it is not something to joke about and justify. It is a sad fact.

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