Wednesday, 28 May 2014

When Love is not so Perfect

Romance comes wrapped in a lot of different packages and this one penned by Sumeetha Manikandan  follows a path all of its own. An interesting path that aroused my curiousity.

Review Of The Perfect Groom. (by Sumeetha Manikandan)


Kudos to Sumeetha Manikandan for bringing out some culturally taboo subjects and then building a story around it. From describing how marriages are arranged by so called well meaning, 'charitable' relatives to spousal relationships within a marriage and a relationship outside it. She covers it all.
Circumstances have victimized Nithya but she rises above being a victim of her circumstances.
Her description and commentary on societal interactions are very tongue in cheek and hit the nail right on the head.
A thoroughly entertaining read.

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