Sunday, 24 August 2014


                Weddings can be a magical occasion and Indian weddings even more so. Beautiful model Rayna Dutt has come to an Indian Ocean island to attend her best friend’s wedding. However, behind her mesmerizing smile there lies a pool of pain and heartache. Ditched by her boyfriend on the verge of her moving in with him; she proposes a make believe engagement to Neel Arora the owner of the resort where she is staying to attend her friend’s wedding. She does this to get away from the press, inquisitive friends and relatives from her past and to save face in front of the very man who ditched her. Somewhere is all this Rayna realizes that she wants more than just a pretend engagement. She wants a real relationship.
                Suave, sophisticated, successful Neel; who hides his guilty demons away behind a mask of efficiency and indifference. He is blown away by Rayna but is too scared to admit it; sure that his past will catch up with him over here too and destroy everything.
                Will Neel be able to conquer his fears and go to Rayna before she gives up on him?

                This is the second book that I have read of Adite Banerjies and yet again I was captivated by her settings and her descriptions. They were beautiful and just pulled you in. Neel’s anguish at his sister’s condition was palpable and the strength of Rayna came through in her ability to deal with whatever life threw her way. The passion between them is electric and fairly bounced off the pages. What really stayed with me though was the spirit Rayna brings to the situation even when she is absolutely down in the dumps and at her lowest.

 She gets up; the smile is flashed once again for ‘the show must go on.’


  1. Good review Adiana! I also loved both of Adite's books, especially this one :)

  2. Thanks Adiana for the great review. Loved how you connected with Rayna! :)

  3. Nice review Adiana :) I totally agree with you. Indian weddings can be magical :)

    1. all came so well together in this book.