Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Loves Me...Loves Me Not

"I don’t know who you are, and you want to us to get into a car with you and take off
into the countryside?”

Slowly taking his sunglasses off, he extended his hand
and said charmingly,
“Forgive me. My name is JD and I am going to be
responsible for your group.”

Sonia, automatically extended her own hand to take his,
and looked up into his smoky gray eyes,
startled by their contrast against his dark olive complexion.

In the face of his polite demeanor, she was a little ashamed at her own acerbity.
About to apologize, she was disconcerted when he dropped the charm.

“Now, can we leave?” he asked brusquely. “The van is parked outside.”

Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray

Available at:
*    search&srno=t_1&query=Adiana+Ray&ref=d435204f-7747-489a-b6a2-8497072bccf9

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