Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Candle Burning Bright.

Today most world economies are in a bad shape and we have so many people unemployed. It seems the young people today have less to look forward to than their parents did.
And then...
I saw this program on Discovery World, and I was so inspired by this man's story and his creativity and drive in taking what life has given him and making something out of it on his terms.

He lives in the Indian city of Kolkatta and has had the very minimum of education. Came to the Metro to earn his living and here is what he does. He collects 'sludge' from the drains and manholes of Kolkatta at night. Fills it in plastic sacks and then sells it to buyers on the outskirts who dry it and use it as fertiliser. This type of job requires serious motivation to get down into the filth and dirt and bring it up. Yet he does it day in and day out and as he says "whatever comes out is free and the money is all mine".
To top this (if that is possible) he has grown his business and has actually got in 5 boys from his village to come in and help out. They all live together in a room and are totally gungho about their future.

I marvel at this man's resourcefulness and am amazed at his thinking that he could actually look at that sludge and see it not as muck but as an opportunity.

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