Friday, 8 February 2013

Lets find our MOJO!!!

7th of Feb, 2013

Started my new book today. "Credit Note". (as of now might change the name)
My first one "Rapid Fall' was based on the attraction between Sonia and JD.
Navin was a secondary character in that book ; brought in to create a possible love triangle.
This book is about him and Neha who is the daughter of a good friend of JD's family.
I plan to blog about my writing each day so I can take you along with me as the characters talk to me and develop.

I have always lived in urban settings and I love big cities. That is what I understand and that is what I am most comfortable writing about. All those people running about in these great big metropolises' trying to keep up and live life on their terms.
My characters live here and love here......they are spunky and charged and know what they want.
BUT...they are also human...they hurt and they bleed; they laugh and they cry....and above all they try and bond and build relationships.
I weave the stories in through the web of their emotions.
It is my URBAN MOJO SERIES and these two books form part of a trilogy under it.

Today I started Chapter 1, I want to introduce Navin here and build up his background. He is suave, handsome, do I ground him????


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